Recording the Venice Beach Skate Park

I just finished uploading my “Outdoor Skate Park” effects track to Audio Jungle. I recorded it last spring for a different project and discovered some of the unused audio created a very nice ambiance to it. More so, no one on Audio Jungle seems to have put anything like it. Look ma! I’m one of a kind!

Recording at the Venice Beach Skate Park can be kind of tricky, too late in the day or on weekends and there’s tons of tourists and gawkers and amateur photographers and it makes recording audio a bit more difficult. So I went on a Tuesday morning around 9am and mosey’d my way in to the park. There’s really no set rules or anything but skaters have their “turf” and I wanted the recording to be very natural. If you make it known your recording anything of audio/video people tend to act like someone else, it’s weird.

So I made friends with some of the skaters there, everyone was cool. It also wasn’t crowded, just a couple guys. Some had their kids with them, parents trying to encourage a younger version of themselves not to give up on their dream. I spent the better part of the morning at the skatepark, it was nice to be out there so early before the crowds starting showing up. Living in Venice it’s sometimes difficult to get a nice quiet atmosphere. I get it, I live where everyone wants to visit, so I take it in stride.

I really like the way this came out and I think it really captures a skate park environment. You can check it out on Audio Jungle.



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